Predict the journey

From customer insights to optimizing Return on Ad Spend, Market IQ helps you deepen customer relationships with Retail and SME clients.

Market IQ helps you supercharge your banking operations with data.

See how our clients leverage Big Data to deepen customer relationships with innovative solutions to stay ahead of the competition.

Journey Predictions

For years banks have been collecting storehouses of data relating to the habits and preferences of retail banking and small business customers (SME). Today, Market IQ is connecting-the-dots to turn this data into insights, helping our clients drive customer acquisition and deepen their relationship.

With Market IQ’s cognitive intelligence platform and value, We create unique user experiences, deepen relationships, and identify cross-sell opportunities.

Market IQ’s big data analytics and cognitive intelligence platform truly establishes a personalized value add user experience, allowing you to deepen relationships and optimize cross-sell opportunities.

Competitive Insights

Market IQ’s Competitive Analytics Solution delivers real-time feedback from the Social Universe. We aggregate millions of daily customer conversations relating to you and your competitors to better understand how customers perceive your brand and products.

Real-time competitive insights are derived at the transaction and product levels to help drive brand and product marketing strategy.

1.  Track and monitor real-time loyalty trends for you and your competitors at the brand and transaction level

2.  Identify recurring themes from key influencers across the competitive landscape

3.  Proactively manage stakeholder and media communication by identifying positive and negative themes in the marketplace

4.  Optimize internal controls and strategy based on insights derived from Social Net Promoter Scores

5.  Generate custom PowerPoint or PDF reports

Risk & Reputation

Market IQ's Risk & Reputation platform is an essential service to protect the corporate crown jewels - your brand. It takes years of hard work to create a business name in the market, but reputations can be ruined overnight. We predict brand threatening crisis situations and help clients control the spin to minimize reputational damage.

Our crisis predictive algorithms quantify change in sentiment utilizing procedures very similar to the framework used by medical scientists to diagnose diseases. This framework has helped our clients avoid PR disasters with an 82% rate

1.  The Risk & Reputation platform is customized to each organization's unique set of requirements. This means:

- Data is categorized by business units to help surface the right insights to the right division - Real-time notifications are created with customized thresholds based on client directives. For example, the Social Media team is to be notified when crisis potential reaches the 40% confidence level, and the PR team is notified when crisis potential a 70% confidence threshold.

2.  We provide three fundamental pillars of actionability, surfacing predictions pertaining to

- Size
how fast will the content propagate and what will be the brand impact

- Duration
how long will the incident trend

- Confidence
the likelihood that the incident will blow up into a newsworthy event.

3.  The Risk & Reputation platform provides customized insights during a crisis situation, allowing your team to proactively react to brand threatening events as they unfold.