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From analyzing huge disparate internal and external data sets to extracting insights, Market IQ helps investment banks deploy bespoke Cognitive solutions to augment decision making within Risk, Research, Sales & Trading, and Corporate Finance functions.

Market IQ is your personal year II analyst. They are both smart. The only difference, Market IQ is able to parse through larger reams of data quickly and more effectively to help you make the right decision.

See how our bulge bracket clients are using the Market IQ platform to create their cognitive intelligence platform to augment the decision making process.

Big Data Analytics

Market IQ's big data analytics platform makes it possible to extract useful information from various data sets, identify hidden patterns, and predict future behavior, trends, and outcomes. With drag & drop, point & click ease to build charts and reports, Market IQ helps analyze information across massive amounts of data quickly and effectively.

Additionally, our Cognitive platform allows users to ask questions naturally, and extract useful information, By giving this ability to ask – and answer – questions at the speed-of-thought, Market IQ's big data analytics solution puts capital markets professionals at a distinct advantage.

Structured & Unstructured Data

Market IQ’s connectors allow you ingest structured and unstructured data from anywhere, from proprietary on-premise data to popular social media sites. Our platform does all the legwork to surface actionable insights based on deep learning and statistical analysis to help answer the critical questions to augment the decision making process.

Our pre-built connectors automate data ingestion from over 90 different sources, including:

  • Structured Data
  • Pricing Data
  • Company Financial Data
  • Equity Data
  • Credit Data
  • FX Data
  • Unstructured Data
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • News / Articles
  • Sell Side Research / Notes
  • Blogs
  • Market Commentary

Transform your data to information, and your information into insights.

Data Mining and Information Extraction

Market IQ provides a robust solution to help unlock closeted information from internal corporate document stores and publicly available data to help clients extract, link and integrate data into their existing research process and workflow.

Cognitive Intelligence allows Capital Markets Professionals to extract information at the speed-of-thought utilizing an intuitive workflow. The result is a customized tool delivering personalized intelligence.

Flexible Middleware Infrastructure

Market IQ’s Platform easily integrates with existing analytics architecture to streamline workflow, re-engineer profitability, and enhance risk management. Flexible deployments match customer requirements, offered as an on-premise, hosted, or hybrid solution.

Banks are using Market IQ’s Cognitive Intelligence Enterprise Platform to deploy bespoke internal big-data solutions fueled by internal / external structured data, and internal / external unstructured data.