Intersection of Behavioral
Finance & Fundamental Analytics

Market IQ makes sense of the web’s ever growing real-time unstructured dataset to surface actionable signals based on consumer and investor perception to help augment your investment decision making process.

Market IQ predicts short-term price movements to help generate incremental alpha and identify new targets.

Market IQ gleans insights from the real-time unstructured dataset comprising of social data, news articles, and blog posts to provide actionable investment insights.

See how dozens of leading hedge funds are using the Market IQ platform to generate incremental alpha.

Low Latency API

Market IQ’s low latency API feed provides key sentiment inflection thresholds at the security level to help generate incremental alpha within existing multi-factor models. Additionally, the Market IQ API also incorporates tick level sentiment and velocity data.

Extensive walk forward analysis has validated the efficacy of Market IQ’s proprietary dataset. We consistently deliver an Information Ratio of 4.4 with Price Reversal Strategies, and 2.6 with Price Momentum Strategies.

We achieve such high-levels of effectiveness based on patented algorithms extracting intelligence from the richest unstructured dataset in the industry.

- 62 different metrics are used to comprise Market IQ’s patented Natural Language Processing Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence Framework

- Hundreds of news sources and blogs are extensively mined; such as Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Seeking Alpha, Deal Book, etc

- Social Datasets from Twitter, Facebook, and StockTwits dating back to 2009

Smart Analytics

Long/Short Value Funds are using Market IQ’s cognitive intelligence enterprise platform to deploy bespoke internal big-data solutions based on internal / external structured data, and internal / external unstructured data.

Our Enterprise Solution applies Advanced Natural Language Processing and Predictive Intelligence to internal corporate document stores to deliver solutions pertaining to Taxonomy Development, Search Engine Enhancement, and Information Retrieval.

The platform’s functionality includes:

- Named Entity Recognition for identifying of people, places, companies, services, products, and other named items

- Theme Extraction & Sentiment Analysis at the security, document, entity, keyword and quotation levels

- Concept Tagging beyond keyword extraction, based on Advanced Natural Language Processing to understand the context within the content

- Relationship Extraction to parse content into subject, action and object

- Text Summarization with full tieback to the original document to provide deeper context and complete transparency

Portfolio Signals

Market IQ provides Velocity Indicators and Sentiment Inflection Points for portfolio companies to help you move up or down the price line. Signals are delivered via email pre-market as a PDF and as an Excel file. Behavioral insights on peers and related industries are included to help augment the overall investment decision-making process.

Custom Google-like alerts help clients stay abreast of potential themes developing within the social universe.