Market IQ's Predictive Analytics Platform helps financial institutions make smarter, more informed data-driven business decisions.

The first big data analytics platform, built from the ground up specifically for financial institutions, to augment the decision making process.

Financial Institutions have unique Requirements & Challenges.
Off-the-shelf Business Intelligence Tools & Data Analytic platforms don’t deliver results.
Market IQ's bespoke solutions help you truly solve the problem and deliver on real innovation.

The Market IQ Process

1 Understand the Problem

Our Data Scientists and Engineers collaborate with you to understand the unique challenges. Each collaboration starts with understanding your business challenges and strategizing on innovative solutions. Together, we define a 2-3 month pilot project with measurable results. Our goal is to deliver a fully functional solution within the pilot to solve a critical business need.

2Ingest Structured & Unstructured Data

Having worked with top-tier financial institutions, we understand the complexities around meshing data from various internal and over 90 external sources. Our value proposition lies in our ability to:

1 - Structure unstructured data into defined categories
2 - Proactively surface insights & provide predictive intelligence by combining structured and unstructured data.

Our hybrid on-prem / off-prem solution keeps your data secure within your walls, and allows you to bring data from external sources while ensuring regulatory compliance.

3Solve the GIGO Problem

Our Natural Language Processing Framework and Artificial Intelligence Platform is built from the ground-up specifically for Financial Institutions. This allows us to effectively categorize datasets to solve the "Garbage-In Garbage-Out" problem, especially when we mesh data from structured and unstructured sources (e.g. CRM + Social conversations).

4Bespoke Big Data Solutions Drive Smarter Business Outcomes

The Market IQ platform provides a similar level of analysis and insights as a CFA Charterholder. The only difference - Market IQ's Platform works at the speed-of-thought with the processing power of an army of expert analysts. We help you transform your data into information, and information into insights.

Think of your greatest challenge.
Let your imagination
construe the most innovative solution.
Now, you have the platform to bring it to life.