Market IQ is a Predictive Analytics Platform, specifically built for Financial Institutions.

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We derive predictive insights from structured & unstructured data to help our clients make better and more informed business decisions.

Actionable Intelligence to Manage Your Company's Risk & Reputation

Market IQ predicts crisis situations, so you can minimize reputational damage by staying ahead of it.

Enhance Response Workflow & Effectiveness

Identify which customers are being impacted, prioritize response by impact or customer influence, and address your users directly via Market IQ's platform.

Social NPS to help you better understand the Competitive Landscape

Understand how consumers perceive your brand and competitive products with Brand Net Promoter Score and Transaction Net Promoter Score.

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We believe each company is unique, off-the-shelf Enterprise products don't deliver the experience required to wow the customer. Our team of data scientists customizes our offering to your data to help you become the most customer-focused, data-driven organization.