The Market IQ

Sentiment Into Predictive Science

Market IQ is a patented predictive analytics platform focused on providing actionable, real-time intelligence, culled from
Unstructured Social, News, Blogs, etc and Structured CRM, Financial, etc
data, to help clients make better business decisions

How are Corporations using the Market IQ platform?


Market IQ monitors global social data for Barclays, and provides predictive insights to help Barclays identify crises situations and proactively minimize reputational damage


Instinet, a Nomura Company, provides Buy-side clients with Market IQ's predictive insights to help augment their overall investment decision making process


AKQA and Market IQ are partnering to help Fortune 1000 Companies optimize their marketing spend associated with content across social channels


Nasdaq uses Market IQ's platform to increase engagement by driving time spent on site and higher repeat visitation by delivering an amazingly personalized user experience

Our Customers

Barclays Bank Nasdaq Dowjones Instinet Postmedia
It has been absolutely fantastic to work with the Market IQ team. I am really impressed with the platform's capabilities to provide customized predictive insights for business challenges we face internally.
Nandu Govindankutty Customer Engagement Director Barclays
Market IQ's pioneering technology is an innovative proposition, that will support many areas of our business. Their foresight and predictive capabilities enable us to make faster and better business decisions and ultimately providing a go-to service for our customers. This is truly a transformative technology.
Steve Phillips Vice President - Social Media Barclays
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